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HHCI UR "Republican Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation MH UR"
Licence No. ЛО-18-01-002258 from April,18 2017

Hospital News

  • The National Flag Day

    21  Август  2017 /  Понедельник 

    The National Flag Day

    The 22nd of August is the National Flag Day of the Russian Federation since 1994. 

    It's considered that a white-blue-red flag was flown on Orel battleship of Russia for the first time in 1668. Peter I The Great of Russia was the first Emperor who officially established those colours. His Emperor's decree on the 20th of January, 1705 stated that all merchant ships of the Russian Empire should use white-blue-red flag.

    It is still an open question of the purpose of colouring the flag in those particular hues. There is a theory that claims that white colour represents Freedom, blue – the Virgin Mary, the protectress of Russia, and red colour – great powerness of the counrty. Another theory demands that white colour stands for nobility, blue – honesty and faithfulness and red – bravery, courage and magnanimity that all Russian have.

  • Team of Udmurtia Visits Kizner Region

    17  Август  2017 /  Четверг 

    Team of Udmurtia Visits Kizner Region

    Aleksandr Brechalov, the Interim Head of the Udmurt Republic, arrived at Kizner Region on a working visit yesterday. During the official visit the Head inspected several noteworthy enterprises and organised series of meetings, among them was our hospital too. Here you can take a brief look over the visit. Currently video is in Russian

  • Local State Administration Report Day

    9  Август  2017 /  Среда 

    Local State Administration Report Day

    On August 9, 2017 there was regular report from Local State Administration in our hospital. Today the report was announced by A. I. Plotnikov, the head of the local state administration of Kizner Region, and I. N. Yakovlev, the head of administration of town of Kizner. The report was given in form of announcement on the work done and the future projects for the region and the town. After that was question and answer session.

  • Decoration on Medical Worker Day

    26  Июнь  2017 /  Понедельник 

    Decoration on Medical Worker Day

    On Medical Worker Day, June 18, our colleagues have been decorated «for the long-term and honest work in the UR». They received certificates with honorary mention from Ministry of Public Health of the Udmurt Republic and Kizner Region of the Udmurt Republic
    for the long-term and honest work and on the threshold of Medical Worker Day

    Honorary certificates of the Udmurt Republic are granted to:

    - Pavlov Artur Anatolevich, nurse
    - Chernov Pavel Petrovich, nurse
    - Sedova Elena Nikolaevna, hospital attendant
    - Nazarova Galina Mikhailovna, barmaid

    Honorary mention from Ministry of Public Health of the Udmurt Republic are granted to:

    - Plotnikova Elena Nikolaevna, nurse;
    - Plotnikov Ivan Nikolaevich, nurse;
    - Pestova Olga Andreevna, physiotherapist;
    - Fedorova Svetlana Gennadevna, matron;
    - Yuschenko Igor Vadimovich, attorney;
    - Rodygin Roman Vladimirovich, manager;
    - Shklyaev Vladimir Gennadevich, civil protection engineer;

    Honorary mention from Kizner Region of the Udmurt Republic are granted to:

    - Sharanova Svetlana Nikolaevna, manager;
    - Suvorov Konstantin Semenovich, cook.

    We deeply congratulate our colleagues with well-deserved decoration! Good job!

  • June 18. Medical Worker Day

    16  Июнь  2017 /  Пятница 

    June 18. Medical Worker Day

    On June 18, 2017 we are celebrating Medical Worker Day. This day is to congratulate and honour all medical workers for their arduous job. We wish our dear colleagues and every medical worker to make their wish come true. Let your professional duties make you happy for you are doing the job you like. We wish that every day will be a step to your personal and professional development. Be healthy, successful and happy! 

  • Happy Russia Day!

    12  Июнь  2017 /  Понедельник 

    Happy Russia Day!

    The date, June 12, is Russia Day – one of the youngest holidays in our country. 

    We congratulate everybody and wish that every citizen of the Russian Federation is healthy, have joy and good luck! 
    Happy Russia Day!

  • 2017 Sport Festival in Udmurtia

    29  Май  2017 /  Понедельник 

    2017 Sport Festival in Udmurtia

    2017 Sport Festival Finals took place at Kupol Stadium on May 27. The Festival was among workers of Public Health of the Udmurt Republic. RHMR team joined the competition in relay race and darts. At the end of the day there was beautiful Rewarding and  Closing Ceremonies. Few photos...

  • Stop HIV Campaign in Udmurtia

    18  Май  2017 /  Четверг 

    Stop HIV Campaign in Udmurtia

    All-Russian campaign "Stop HIV/AIDS" takes place on May 15–21, 2017. The campaign is devoted to World Remembrance Day of AIDS Victims.

    The main aim of the campaign is to make HIV testing easier for people. The idea is also to increase the number of people who concern their HIV-status and decreasing the number of late HIV-positive results.

    There are 9,403 HIV-positive results registered in the Udmurt Republic on May 1, 2017 (393 HIV-positive test this year).

    Testing centres are open in Izhevsk in Kalashnikov ISTU on May 17, 2017, in shopping centres "Talisman", "Flagman", "Petrovsky" on May 21, 2017. Centres are open 4 to 7 pm.

  • Diet under Excess Weight

    15  Май  2017 /  Понедельник 

    Diet under Excess Weight

    There is a special guide with professional recommendations and diet description for people under express weight. You can find it here Currently in Russian.

  • EMERCOM Fire Training

    12  Май  2017 /  Пятница 

    EMERCOM Fire Training

    RHMR and EMERCOM joint training was the part of our work today. We mastered fire preventing and fire-fighter skills as well as patients evacuation from the buildings. The training was based on a prepared scheme, everyone did good job and completed the task perfectly.

  • Happy International Nurses Day!

    12  Май  2017 /  Пятница 

    Happy International Nurses Day!

    We would like to congratulate all nurses and particularly our co-workers with their professional holiday – Nurses Day. The whole world is celebrating the Day on May 12.

  • Vacant Position: Physiotherapist

    11  Май  2017 /  Четверг 

    Vacant Position: Physiotherapist

      There is a vacant position at Republican Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation. We need a physiotherapist. Secondary vocational education is needed. Work experience on the field should be 2 years at least. Send your CV via e-mails: rbvl@bk.ru or rbvlkadr@gmail.com. All references via phones: 8(34154) 31655 or 8(34154) 31141.

  • May 9. Victory Day

    9  Май  2017 /  Вторник 

    May 9. Victory Day

    At 2:10 am Moscow time on May 9, 1945, the sonorous, measured voice of radio announcer Yuri Levitan declared: “Germany has been entirely vanquished.” The final treaty had been signed in Berlin. At first, figures tentatively emerged into the balmy Moscow morning, some in pajamas, others in suits. By evening, Red Square was heaving – people dancing, kissing and laughing, fireworks flashing above. However, the festivities did not obscure the costs: In the Soviet Union, at least 27 million people had been killed (out of a total of 55 million fatalities in WWII), while many cities, towns and villages lay in ruins. After the iconic parade in June, there were no celebratory marches for two decades. Yet the Great Patriotic War, which started for the Soviets in 1941, united the entire nation and remains a centerpiece of Russia’s consciousness.

  • Immortal Regiment

    5  Май  2017 /  Пятница 

    Immortal Regiment

    RHMR join an international movement "Immortal Regiment". We decided to create Hospital's "Immortal Regiment" to unite our parents, grandparents and great grandparents of our colleagues who fought on the fields of the Great Patriotic War. Participants of our web-site can also take part in this movement. Send photographs of our relative on it@rbvl.ru or on our vk.com page – https://vk.com/club21752687
    The official web-site of "Our Immortal Regiment"
    "They united to win, we united to remember!"

  • May 1. Happy Labour Day!

    1  Май  2017 /  Понедельник 

    May 1. Happy Labour Day!

    The Central Square of Kizner was full of joy and cheer devoted to the Day of Spring and Labour. Working people paraded in the centre of the town which finished with a concert. Our colleagues of Republican Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation also took part in the parade. Let's celebrate "The Day of Spring and Labour" together!