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The National Flag Day

Понедельник,  21  Августа  2017

The 22nd of August is the National Flag Day of the Russian Federation since 1994. 

It's considered that a white-blue-red flag was flown on Orel battleship of Russia for the first time in 1668. Peter I The Great of Russia was the first Emperor who officially established those colours. His Emperor's decree on the 20th of January, 1705 stated that all merchant ships of the Russian Empire should use white-blue-red flag.

It is still an open question of the purpose of colouring the flag in those particular hues. There is a theory that claims that white colour represents Freedom, blue – the Virgin Mary, the protectress of Russia, and red colour – great powerness of the counrty. Another theory demands that white colour stands for nobility, blue – honesty and faithfulness and red – bravery, courage and magnanimity that all Russian have.

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