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8 (34154) 3-14-71, 3-16-55
8 904 8359467 (Udmurtia)
8 909 3081626 (Tatarstan)

427710, 7a Sovetskaya str., Kizner, Udmurt Republic. 

E-mail: rbvlud@gmail.com rbvlud@udm.net

ICQ: 553691620 Skype: rbvl-admin1

HHCI UR "Republican Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation MH UR"
Licence No. ЛО-18-01-002258 from April,18 2017

Methods of Treatment

For treating our patients RHMR works and uses the following methods and devices:
  • SMC-phoresis with therapeutic muds
  • DDC-phoresis with therapeutic muds
  • Phonophoresis with therapeutic peat
  • Magnet-Infra-red-Laser Therapy (Milt's"apparatus") 
  • Treatment by low-frequency magnetic fields (devices "Pole-1, "Pole-2") 
  • Treatment with the Impulse Magnetic Field (AVIMP"device") 
  • Leech Therapy (Medical Leeches)

Complex rehabilitating treatment allows to achieve high results in efficiency of medical treatment:
  • 94,2% of patients are discharged with improvements
  • the working capacity is restored among 70% of people of working age
  • patients who have undergone restorative treatment using peat deposits from Kizner-3, quot;, there is no worsening within 1 year in 11.1% of cases
  • in 27.8% - within 2,5 years 
  • in 16.7% - within 3 years
There is connection with all central district hospitals and republican institutions.

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