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427710, 7a Sovetskaya str., Kizner, Udmurt Republic.

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HHCI UR "Republican Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation MH UR"
Licence No. -18-01-002258 from April,18 2017

About RHMR - Summary

HHCI UR "Republican Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation MH UR"

Head physitian: Ovchinnikov Elena Ivanovna, 8 (34154) 31655, rbvlud@udm.net

Legal address: 427710, 7a Sovetskay st., Kizner, Udmurt Republic
Post address: 427710, 7a Sovetskay st., Kizner, Udmurt Republic

On duty: day-and-night service
On duty administration and inquiry services: 8am - 6pm, daily.
8 (34154) 31471,  8 (34154) 31810

Addresses and telephones of superior and inspection bodies:

The Ministry of Public Health of the Udmurt Republic:

426000, 144, Krasnay st., Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic; 8 (3412) 51-37-70; http://minzdravur.ru/

Department of Roszdravnadzor in the Udmurt Republic:

426000, 3, Dzerzhinskogo st., Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic; 8 (3412) 40-27-47;

Federal inspectorate department of protection of consumers' rights and human wellbeing in the Udmurt Republic:

426000, 3, Lenina st., Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic; 8 (3412) 68-28-44

Republican Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation in Kizner has been opened in 1983 year at the order of the Ministry of Health of the Udmurt Republic No.24-k from 03.03.1983 year. 

More than 30 years citizens of Udmurt Republic under peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal system diseases have given special medical (recreation and rehabilitation) treatment here with a help of natural medicinal sources: medicinal peat, mineral water.


The head of our hospital is honored worker of Public Health of Udmurt Republic Elena Ivanovna Ovchinnikova.


Our staff is 7 doctors, 39 medical workers with secondary medical education, who, with high professional skills, render a qualifying medical aid as part of the agreement Regional State guarantee of supporting free medical help program, and contractual (fee-for-service medicine).


Since opening of our hospital we have treated 70000 patients. 4000 patients treat their health here annually. 95% of them discharge with health improvement, 80% - right after the treatment start to work, 50% of discharged patients are countrymen, or from working-class.


During 2004-2008 a modernization of material and technical basis of our hospital, and now the hospital meets the requirements of modern Russian and world standards of medicine. We have brought into effect complex informatization in every department of our hospital. All the equipment we was received is now in use. Federal data registers are carried on.


Our more than 30-years-experience had developed into two handbooks, which were published by Izhevsk State Medical Academy in 2012 especially owing to All-Russian conference Izhevsk, 2012.


Also our medical workers took part in All-Russian conference Medical rehabilitation, as cure for mortality rate and disablement reducing in Cheboksary, March, 2013 under direct supervising of Minister of Public Health of the Russian Federation V.I. Skvortsova.

Our hospital actively introduces new innovation technologies in treatment-and-diagnosis process we use programmable medical and diagnosis systems, electronic medical records, telecommunications technologies our staff takes part in webinars, online education courses.


Our hospital provides deserved salary level of medical workers (an average salary of a medical doctor from all source of financing is about 40,000 rubles).


On the list of clinics of Udmurt Republic our hospital always in the top.


You can find RHMR in the national list Leading Health-care agency of Russia.

The deposit of therapeutic peat "Kiznerskoe-3" is located at the southern edge of Kizner village, the district centre of the Udmurt Republic, on the left bank of the Vyatka River in the basin of its tributary - r.Lyuga. 
The therapeutic peat of "Kiznerskoe-3""deposit" refers to the category of the freshwater sulphide-free medium ash lowland peat. 

The "Tenzhe" deposit in Lithuania (Resort of Palanga) and the "Tatischevskiy" deposit in Moscow region can be specified among analogues of the Kizner deposit which are under development currently.

Licenses & Certificates:

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License No.  -18-01-002258  for  Medical Activities

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