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Exercise Therapy

ETExercise Therapy (ET) is the set of methods of treatment, prevention and medical rehabilitation based on using exercises specially selected and methodically developed. When it is used the doctor takes into account the peculiarities of the disease, the nature, extent and stage of disease process in the systems and organs.

Therapeutic effect from exercises is based on a strictly dosed loading applied to the sick and weak. There are general trainings for strengthening the body and health rehabilitation in general and special trainings purposed to eliminate discovered violations of functions in certain systems and organs.

To realize this tasks the one or other group of exercises (e.g., for strengthening muscles of abdomen - exercises while standing, sitting and lying down) resulting in the body adaptation to a gradually increasing loads and adjustment (equalizing) of violations caused by disease. Gymnastic exercises in the Exercise Therapy are classified by:
?) anatomic rule - for determined muscular groups (muscles of the arms, legs and respiratory one, etc..);
?) self-dependence - active (executed by the patient by himself totally ) and passive (executed by the patient with with damaged motor function with the help of a healthy limb or with Methodist).

ETPhysician in charge fixes the exercise therapy, and the doctor specialized in ET determines methods of training. The Instructor usually carries out the procedures and in a particularly complicated cases - a doctor of exercise therapy. The use of exercise therapy enhancing the efficiency of complex therapy for patients accelerates recovery time and prevents further progression of the disease.

You should not start ET trainings alone as it may result in recrudescence, methods of training set by a doctor should be observed strictly. 
ET Trainer ET Trainer

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