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HHCI UR "Republican Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation MH UR"
Licence No. ЛО-18-01-002258 from April,18 2017

Medical Massage

massageMassage was known since ancient times. People have learned to use it to cure disease or to help with injuries rather early. Probably, instinctive muscle stroking, rubbing and kneading were the first massage techniques. 

Massage effects on a skin 

The skin provides a mechanical protection of the internal organs from damage, the penetration of micro-organisms and other harmful substances; it is involved in the water and heat exchange with the environment, and generates responses to stimulation. The massage effects concludes in eliminating dead cells from the upper skin layer. It helps to improve the dermal respiration and to increase secretory processes of sebaceous and sweat glands. Besides, the blood circulation, nutrition of skin and cutaneous glands are improving. Thus, all metabolic exchange processes in body are increasing significantly. 
Massage effect on the muscular system 

There are a lot of blood vessels in muscular system. Under the influence of massage the muscular tissue is supplied with an oxygen and nutrients better, the decay products are derived from it faster, energy is produced «more easily», due to which the muscles contract and its efficiency is growing. 

massageEffects of Massage on joints, ligaments and tendons 

Massage activates the secretion of the synovial sheath of joints, promotes resorption of oedemas, effusions, and abnormal deposits. The redistribution of blood and lymph circulation caused by rubbing in the massaged area provides oxygen and nutrients, which activates local blood circulation, increases the redox processes. All together it helps to remove pain and rehabilitate spine functions. Massage strengthens the capsular- ligamentous apparatus and tendons increasing its resistance to various physical and inflectional influences. Massage of joints is extremely useful in elderly and senile age. 

Massage effects on circulatory and lymphatic systems 

Under the influence of massage the outflow of venous blood and lymph from various organs of the body is accelerating; it improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients, promotes a more rapid output of the decay products of the body as well as elimination of stagnation and effusions in the joints and abdomen. Massage is not just to encourage a large number of capillaries to be active, but also it contributes to the redistribution of blood in the massaged area. This effect extends to neighbouring parts of the body. The blood flow from internal organs goes to the skin surface and the muscular system leading to a moderate expansion of peripheral blood vessels and facilitating the work of the left atrium and left ventricle as well as to increasing the discharge capacity of the heart, improving the blood circulation and contractility of cardiac muscle. 

massageEffects of Massage on joints, ligaments and tendons 

Nervous system controls vital functions of the body: muscle contraction, metabolism, cardiac performance, endocrine glands and etc. It combines all the organs and systems, coordinating their activities. Massage improves a functional capability of the central nervous system and strengthens its regulatory and coordination functions, besides, it stimulates the regeneration and recovery of peripheral nerves

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