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HHCI UR "Republican Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation MH UR"
Licence No. ЛО-18-01-002258 from April,18 2017


Modern medicine cannot imagine itself without physiotherapy. This is due not only to the fact that physical therapy is based on physical factors, but also because of the possibility to use physical therapy to prevent certain diseases.

As its arsenal the Physiotherapy has a variety of devices and methods: Electrophoresis, ET, Exercise Therapy, Mineral Water Treatment, Cryo Treatment. Previously the treatment with physiotherapy was to use electrophoresis– the current effect on the human body. Today the electrophoresis is used in various modes, which are to be selected strictly individually.

Many people are familiar to the recreative gymnastics well. Exercise Therapy is used for treatment in various diseases of the locomotor system, digestive system, disorders of posture, obesity and during pregnancy, as well as in preventive purposes. Doctors warn that in beginning, you should do exercises of recreative gymnastics under the strict supervision of a doctor, and then, after learning techniques you can do the exercises on your own.

Physiotherapy took a special place in rehabilitation after surgery, after various injuries; beside, physiotherapy is used very actively for rehabilitation after plastic surgery. Physical rehabilitation involves the use of techniques that restore locomotor functions and fasten the healing of fractures, etc.

Medical rehabilitation is the process which aim is not only to rehabilitate the human health but also his mental and social functions. Rehabilitation of critically sick patients includes a whole range of rehabilitation activities, thus it is impossible to allocate more or less significant aspect.

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