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HHCI UR "Republican Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation MH UR"
Licence No. ЛО-18-01-002258 from April,18 2017

Mud Therapy

THERAPEUTIC MUDS OF RHMR (deposits"Kiznerskoe - 3") It can help in following diseases: 

1.Diseases of the locomotor system: The consequences of joint injuries (infectious-specific (except tubercular), traumatic, rheumatic, degenerative, metabolic, professional), osteoarthritis of the 2-3 degree. (after failure of conservative treatment, after surgical treatment in the absence of immobilization), rheumatoid arthritis (when the value of ESR rate is not higher than 30 mm per hour), after consulting a rheumatologist. Congenital and acquired deformation of bones that do not require surgical treatment or after surgery (after a poliomyelitis, a Little's Disease, osteochondropathy). Diseases of the spine (chronic spondylitis, Bechterew's disease, spondylitis, post-traumatic and degenerative-dystrophic, not complicated neurologically, injuries and diseases of the spine). Diseases of the bones, muscles and tendons (fused fractures with impaired function of the joints, muscles and nerves, multiple fractures, fractures with delayed union, osteitis, and periostitis, myositis, fibromyositis, bursitis, tendovaginitis, scary tendon contractures of the hand and fingers, joint contractures after surgery and prolonged immobilization, aseptic necrosis of bones and joints except the stage of fragmentation, osteomyelitis).

2. Nervous System Diseases Disease and consequences of traumas of the peripheric nervous system which do not require surgery, or 2-3 months after the acute period (individually): - Radiculitis - polyradiculitis - neuritis - polyneuritis - Raynaud's disease - solar plexitis - plexitis - neuralgia - ganglionitis - motor and sensory disturbances after injuries of the peripheral nervous system. Disease and consequences of the spine and spinal cord traumas which do not require surgery and 2-3 months after the trauma but not earlier than 2-3 months after the acute period (individually): residual effects of influenza and tick-borne encephalitides; myelitis, poliomyelitis, meningomieloradiculitis; cerebral arachnoiditis. Osteochondrosis of the spine with reflex, muscle-tonic, radicular syndromes; for patients who do not require surgery or 2-3 months after the the acute period or operation (individually).

3. Skin Diseases Eczema, chronic forms, non-acute. Vidal's disease, non-acute Psoriasis, chronic form, non-acute Residual symptoms after burns and frostbites. Scars.

4. Diseases of female genital organs Chronic inflammatory diseases of the uterus and its appendages. Infertility after previous inflammatory processes and moderate hypoplasia of the uterus. Postoperative infiltrates after an acute period. Functional ovarian insufficiency which is not sharply expressed.

5. Urological Diseases Chronic prostatitis, non-acute. Chronic epididymitis, non-acute Chronic orchitis, non-acute Chronic vesiculitis, non-acute

6. General Contradictions All diseases in acute and decompensation periods. All chronic diseases in acute period or complicated by purulent processes. Previous infectious diseases before the end of isolation (including active forms of pulmonary tuberculosis and other organs). Carriage of Bacilli. Mental illness and all forms of addiction. All blood diseases in the acute stage and the stage of recrudescence. Cachexia of any aetiology. Malignant neoplasms. All diseases in which patients are not capable of independent moving and self-care, need constant home care. Echinococcosis of any location. The bleeding of unknown aetiology. Advantages of Mud Therapy in Republican Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation (the Udmurt Republic): Frequently, the popular widely used treatments, based on modern achievements of pharmaceutical science and new medical technologies, are highly efficient only for a short time after the course completion, with frequent recrudescence of the process a few months later and therefore could not solve the problem of a significant reduction in morbidity. It is known, that medicines cause a side effect very often, and it aggravates the course of the underlying disease or leads to the development of new diseases including allergic one which is difficult to correct. Therefore, it is obvious and not accidental that attention to the natural curative factors, which are highly effective and safe, is increasing. Thus, therapeutic muds give an evident multilevel healing effect on the human body due to its multicomponent composition. The peculiarity of therapeutic mud effect is concluded in gradual development of positive deep structural changes which provide a systematic trace creation and long-term adaptation at the quite higher level. And in its turn it leads to an increase in resistance to unfavourable factors of the outside and internal environment, e.g.climatic, ecological, stress and infectious factors.

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